Chimney Repairs

  • Concrete Crown repair or replacement; The Chimney Crown is the roof of your chimney. Keeping water out of your chimney is necessary to reduce unnecessary repairs. Chimney Crowns need to be replaced when cracked or damaged. Pointe Masonry uses specialized techniques to ensure that our concrete crown installations will stand the test of time. Our state of the art techniques and specialty equipment allow us to make these repairs even on the most difficult chimneys.
  • Chimney Rain Cap installation; Rain caps can also be installed at the top of the chimney, providing protection to the chimney flues. Chimney Caps are a metal rain shield installed on the top of the flue(s) of the chimney. Rain Caps help keep your flue free from blockages, bird nest and can help prevent water damage.
  • Brick replacement; Damaged brick are cut out and replaced with matching brick, (salvaged or new). Because there is little air circulation in the chimney and no sunlight, the chimney stays wet long after the rain stops. This moisture erodes the mortar and brick. Add to this a freeze/thaw cycle and you have the needed ingredients for a deteriorating chimney. Spalling Brick (faces of brick falling off, chipping and cracking) is a direct result of water rotting your chimney from the inside out. Damaged brick is replaced using only the highest quality matching brick, often exact matching of brick can be accomplished through masonry salvage yards.
  • Flue Replacement; Damaged or cracked flues should be replaced. This helps protect your chimney from moisture.
  • Mortar Replacement ( Pointing); Damaged mortar joints are removed with a grinder or chisel. The utmost care is taken to ensure the surrounding brick are not damaged during this process. New mortar is then reinstalled in a consistent manner. Mortar color matching and aggregate matching is standard with Pointe Masonry to ensure seamless repairs.

Chimney Rebuilding

Partial and complete chimney rebuilding is necessary based on the level of damage to your chimney. Pointe Masonry’s restoration techniques are the industry standard. Our expert masons employ the highest level of workmanship to ensure the final product will stand the test of time.

Fireplace Repairs/Installation

  • Replacement of damaged firebrick; Tab for info (Use fireplace/chimney diagram) on page
  • Replacement of damaged mortar joints; Only the highest quality refractory cement is used for firebox repairs.
  • Installation of new fireplace surround
  • Installation of new fireplace hearth
  • Fireplace Installation (Indoor and Outdoor).  Sizes and styles vary.  Please contact us for additional details. 

Stucco Repairs/Installation

  • Damaged stucco is repaired using the same techniques as when it was originally installed.  The finished product is seamless and invisible.  
  • New stucco applications are offered with various finish techniques.   Please contact us for additional details.  

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